Bicycling In Europe

Bicycling and Europe are two items that go hand in hand with each other. Spending an evening in Europe cruising around on a bike allows you to get up front and close to places and people much better than other modes. It is no secret that Europeans adore the two wheeled transport and are easily impressed by tourists who dare to use a bicycle during tours instead of hopping on to a tour bus. The bicycle makes for an easy conversation starter and is a simple way to make instant connections in a region filled with multiple cultures and different languages.

The birthplace of famed cycling tours like the letape france cycling tours and the Tour De France. This is not only restricted to countries like France as even in countries like, cycle touring in Spain is an extremely popular sport. Not only is Europe associated with the sport of cycling, it is also associated with the invention of the bicycle, the rear derailleur and the world famous Dutch utility bike. But even with so much help all around, it can be quite a daunting task to organize a bike tour all on your own. This is not means to put an interested individual off the task as planning your own bike tour has multiple benefits such as the fact that it can help you cut down the costs and gives you the freedom to change routes as you desire. Europe also has up to standard train networks, precise maps and camping sites that makes the task of organizing a bicycle tour a much easier task.

The first question that needs to be answered is to decide where to go. A map of Europe is filled with roads and intersections that can drive anyone nuts just by looking at it but a word of advice on where to start would be to think of river valleys. They all offer flat roads with age old bike routes adjoining the water bodies and you are bound to pass through many historical and important town and cities along the way.

Due to Europe being up to date with cycling there are also official bike routes that you can use for your cycling tour. You should also educate yourself on reading the navigation maps of the continent and about things like scale numbers. When it comes to staying overnight there are two options. You can choose between camping out and staying indoors at a hostel or hotel. Many places in Europe provide plenty of camping grounds for those interested in camping.

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